In a central area with lake view, large flat on two levels, consisting of 3 rooms plus two bathrooms. The renovation work has involved the entire building, with the creation of an elevator platform for access.


Exterior work
Complete renovation of the roof in laminated wood and antique Portuguese tiles, creation of chimneys, creation of skylights, installation of new sheet metal/downpipes, renovation of the facades, interior and exterior painting, creation of a terrace well, creation of a complete lifting platform system.

Interior work
Demolition work, construction of new floor slab and planking, complete renovation of plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning systems, renovation of bathrooms, interior staircase, flooring, door and window frames.

In addition to the initial project, the paperwork and the renovation work, Emme Emme Servizi also followed the clients in the choice of:
Lifting platform type, flooring, wall tiles, sanitary ware, taps, door and window frames, handles, lamps, complete furnishing, appliances, kit, colours.